The 3 Historic Casinos Of The Cdmx And Metropolitan Area

Mexico is one of the largest countries and it tends to fall in love with locals and strangers because it has everything: flora, fauna, landscapes, modernity, beaches, cities. It is precisely the latter in which there is the greatest economic growth in the country and in which there is also an attractive offer to see another face of the country.

Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico, large concentrations of people are usually seen in its streets and its public transport, in addition, towards its metropolitan area. But traffic and people crowded in rush hour is not all it has to offer, the Mexican capital has an important offer of museums, nightlife and casinos.

There is no doubt that in the capital of the Mexican Republic there is always something to do, the offer is tremendous and for all tastes.

These are the five casinos with the longest history in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.


This emblematic building located in the heart of Mexico City was an important part of the country in the 19th century. It was a project headed by members of the Spanish colony who wanted to have a cultural 3win2u casino to meet.

Originally, the Spanish Casino of Mexico City was located in the building of the current Museum of Mexico City, although this location was quickly abandoned, everything was moved to the intersection of Isabel La Católica and Venustiano Carranza streets and later reached the San Juan de Letrán street. They were not all the changes, they also located it in the Casa Borda which is located in Madero and Bolivar and finally in Independencia and Bolivar.

All these changes were necessary to finally find a space of its own and that lasts to this day, right on Isabel La Católica street, where one of the first buildings with a metallic structure was created.


El Frontón México is located right in front of the Monument to the Revolution, an enviable location for the number of tourists that congregate in that area of ​​the historic center.

Although the Frontón México began its existence in 1929, a couple of stages were closed in the worst way and it was only a few years ago when it returned to activity causing complete happiness among lovers of the gaming halls.

The historic court of Jai Alai which is within one of the best known for being the largest in the world, but also in the next new project it has been included in a Casino, a restaurant and luxurious suites.

As if that were not enough, massive concerts and functions of other sports such as wrestling have been held on the Fronton Mexico court.


The history of this casino dates back to the late nineteenth century, when the Germans began to arrive in Mexico City to safeguard its integrity, especially due to the situation that Europe was experiencing in terms of political changes and in the midst of the industrial revolution.

One of the main goals that was pursued with this German Casino, a building that is now in decline , was to unify all Germans regardless of their political position, in such a way that it was founded in 1848

This historic building offered all kinds of casino games to the Germans who were going to spend time there; It was originally located on Francisco I. Madero Street, later it moved to Profesa Street, where it stayed for 25 years and then moved to López Street, its best-known headquarters.

The heyday of the casino occurred during the Porfiriato, European migrants had an important growth in Mexico during that time, especially due to the constant foreign investment that the country experienced.

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